Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Coronation Class Making

Well after finally getting hold of a decent Grafar Duchess chassis I've got started on my Langley streamlined Coronation Class body kit!

I'm quite happy with it, but there's a fair amount of work to do to get the Duchess chassis to fit, and to sort out the lower end. At the moment I need to:

• Sort out the front end so it finishes at the right height and we the correct "squareish" side panel that covers the cylinders.*

• Install the weird little square box that goes on the side just above the first driving wheels set.*

• Sort out the back end near the cab!*

• Put in window frames for the cab window (and probably remodel the windows a fair bit).

• File off the hand rails along the boiler and replace them with seperate metal ones.

• Get a new tender to suit the streamlined shell.

• Fill all the moulding inaccuracies, particularly around the front of the cab.

• Resite the buffers lower to suit the new shell bottom.

• Install lamps on the buffers and work out how to light them!

• Investigate if the tender had break lights.

*marked in pink dotted lines on photo

Whew... lots to do... good job my degree's handed in!


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