Saturday, 31 May 2008

Weekend spree

After a bit of a blogging break I did a blitz on new locos yesterday - partially inspired by a search for something to build that could get round the incredibly tight Tomix curves that have just arrived for Port Rosea!

So here we go... tonight my pick of engines I'd love to build are:

From (a generally fantastic site well worth a look).:

The pleasingly chunky Reid-McLeod Turbine which is relatively square for my preferences and might actually be modelable!

At the same sight is the (not so streamlined but still fantastic) L'Aigle. A french attempt at using big wheels to conquer speed!

Over at there's some exceedingly useful lists of trains - my particular favourite is the page on N scale German Steam Locomotives Epochs II-V which includes info on some models I've been trying to find for ages to find info on like the Fleischmann 7172 model:

From Railfaneurope
a lovely image of the Italian (I believe) 232 U 1:

Which has been modelled in Gauge 1 (damnit why wont people pay attention to N gauge...) by the lovely people at Southern Steam Trains it would appear:

And lastly, I had the chance to run some of my trains on my good friend Sean Mayers' layout - he has a blog at Black & Green document N gauge exploration of the early BR days... anyhow here's some of the highlights of our pictorial fun:

The Kato Flying Hamburger:

The MicroAce SL7:


Dapol Q1 double-heading with Sean's Q1 before picking up carriages:

My new Fleischmann DRG BRO110:

A4 Class "Seagull" (Grafar):

A4 Class "Mallard" (Grafar):

And some nice general shots of Sean's shelf layout I'm sure he won't mind me posting...

(Links permission sought where possible - e-mail if you want a link removed or credited differently)

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